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Children and youth theatre studio „Kompanija Šauni“

Teacher Dalė Dargienė. E-mail: dale.dargiene@siauliumn.lt
Teacher Virginijus Dargis. E-mail: virginijus.dargis@siauliumn.lt

kompanija_sauni_titulinis(„The Valiant Company“) of Šiauliai Pupil’s Home was established 20 years ago by directors Dale Dargiene and Virginjus Dargis. At the studio, children and teenagers take part in acting, dancing, singing and improvisation activities. To them, ’Kompanija Šauni’ is a lifestyle, friends, travels and creativity. Young performers participate in various national and international festivals and projects. They have established good relationships with contemporaries not only from Lithuania but also from Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,  Sweden, Russia, England and India.

The studio organizes the international theatre festival „Baltoji Varnelė“ („The White Crow“) every two years since 1996.

„It is always great to meet those who share the same understanding, those who search and find, those who get deeply disappointed, but always believe that only friendship, creativity and love can save the world.” – Kompanija Šauni.

„Work with kids – is a way towards self- knowledge. It is an answer to all most important existent questions. You can approach this work and use it to improve and develop yourself or… to totally disrupt yourself. It is something like balancing on a knife blade. It is a gentle touch to a distant and tempting future.” – Virginijus Dargis.

„I am moved and energized every time when small or young person opens his spirit to an adult. We close the door of the studio, turn on a couple of stage lights and set on a journey into a land of fantasy, spree and longevity… It is only a child spirit – full of beauty and cheerfulness – that can bring happiness into a stubborn world of an adult.” – Dale Dargiene.

‘Kompanija Šauni’ was recognised as the best children and youth theatre in 2011 in Lithuania by being awarded ‘Aukso Paukštė’ (Golden Bird). Moreover, the studio participated in theatre festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Norway, Finland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, England and India.

International projects organized by ‘Kompanija Šauni’ :

  • 2004, “Mio my Mio”, involved Norway, Finland, Lithuania.
  • 2005, “Myth and Today – let’s sit together in a shade of a world tree”, involved Latvia, Norway, Lithuania.
  • 2006, “Myth and Today”, involved Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania.

List of stage plays, performances & projects by ‘Kompanija Šauni’:

  • 1993, ‘The Witch Four’, by E.Matulaite, designer R.Uogintine.
  • 1994, ‘In the Attic’, by D.Dargiene, designer R.Uogintine.
  • 1995, ‘Three Ugly Princesses’, by Liobyte, designer R.Uogintine, composer G.Dapkevicius.
  • 1996, ‘The Days from There…’, by D.Dargiene, designer R.Uogintine, composer G.Dapkevicius.
  • 1996, ‘Live Pictures’, by D.Dargiene, designer O.Pamerneckaite, composer G.Dapkevicius.
  • 1997, ‘Lord of the Flies’, by W.Golding, designer R.Uogintine, composer G.Dapkevicius.
  • 1997, .The Coffret of Games’, by D.Dargiene.
  • 1998, ‘Imaginations’, collaborative project.
  • 2000, ‘The Midnight Summer Dream’ , by W.Shakespeare.
  • 2000, ’8 ½ Truth about School’, by D.Dargiene.
  • 2001, ‘Pinocchio in Flying to the Moon’, by U.Lesej, designer R.Skudikyte.
  • 2002, ‘Performance Number 10′, collaborative project.
  • 2003, ‘The Burgeois Gentelmen’, by Moljere, designer O.Pamerneckaite.
  • 2003, ‘The Valley of Farewell’, by K.Sergijenko, designer R.Skudikyte.
  • 2004, ‘Mio, My Mio’, by A.Lindgren, designer V.Rudyte.
  • 2005, ‘Water with Salt or Double Cream with Strawberries’, collaborative project, designer A.Masiulis.
  • 2005, ‘Heroin’, by M.Burgess, designer O.Pamerneckaite, music compiled  by J.Dargis.
  • 2006, ‘The Day of an Iron Princess’, by V.Palcinskaite, designer R.Uogintine, composer J.Lygutas.
  • 2008, ‘PEER GYNT’ by H.Ibsen, designer O. Orlickiene.
  • 2009,  ’Dona Rosita or the Language of Flowers’,  by F.G. Lorca.
  • 2009,  ’The Crookback Musician’,  by A. Liobyte, designer O. Orlickiene.
  • 2010, ‘Princess Turandot’ by C.Gozzi, designer O.Pamerneckaite, composer R. Kauneckaite.
  • 2011, ‘Doors’, collaborative project.
  • 2011, ‘I Am OK’, collaborative project.
  • 2011, ‘The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly’, by L.Sepulveda, designer O.Pamerneckaite.
  • 2012, ‘SAMZIRUTUF’, collaborative project.
  • 2012, ‘I – the World’s Belly Button’, collaborative project, designer O.Pamerneckaite.
Informacija atnaujinta — 2017-09-21
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