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Teacher – Stanislava Rusevičienė  
Teacher – Laura Dudnikienė  




For us it is important that the great joy of singing will accompany children all the time, from the start of rehearsals untill the concert. The warm applause of an audience will inspire them to persue further musical and artistic activities.

The class is formed of 45 children and teenagers, aged 4 to 18 years.

The first group is formed of 12-18 years old teenagers. They are experienced students, some of whom may have attended classes for as long as 12 years. Since 2002, the group is actively performing and represents „Šiaulių moksleivių namai“ at national and international events. These children have a lot of stage experience. Their repertoire includes a wide range of style and genre.

In the 2011/2012 year the group participated in national and international events and earned numerous awards. At the international vocal music competition Linksmieji perliukai Klaipeda was awarded Grand Prix. At the international children’s and youth art competition Debut 2011 in Riga, and at the international competition Tonis, pustonis Tukum, contest Šypsenėle, nepabėk Plunge deserved second-place. At the Septynios natos festival in Kaunas was nominated the “most musically among the group“ and at the Siauliai amateur art festival, Rudens mozaika, they were nominated the For the most expressive done a song award.

The second group is formed of 5-8 years old girls, who have been singing for three years. They are very willing to learn, so their skills develop quickly. Therefore, they participate in various events, not only in festivals but also in competitions. The 2011/2012 year were successful. At the international vocal music competition Linksmieji perliukai, they won 1st place. The group were diploma winners at the national competition Šypsenėle, nepabėk and Siauliai amateur art festival Rudens mozaika.

The third group is formed of 3-6 years old children, attending lessons for first and second year. They are very young and their classes are more games than serious work, but the kids are already appearing on the big stage: national festivals, Dainuok, žiemužėle Siauliai and Septynios natos in Kaunas, starred in the Šiauliai television Christmas concert and participated in other local events.

In the 2012/2013 year students will be tough a curriculum which will the following competencies:

  1. Personal and self-awareness, introspection, self-confidence, self-assessment, self-expression, a healthy lifestyle, taking responsibility for actions.
  2. Education and learning: – self-learning and information management, information retrieval, analysis, and the use of it, the flexibility of thinking (logical, critical – problem, creative).
  3. Social – communication, cooperation, teamwork, democratic decision-making, conflict resolution, equality awareness, ecological consciousness.
  4. Professional – specific areas of knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes to quality of performance.


  1. Teaching that music is the most important thing.
  2. Training ears – this is the most important while singing, playing
  3. Perfecting unison and the professional polyphonic singing.
  4. Teaching to organically combine three elements: movement – voice – emotion.
  5. Developing pop music singing and scene behavior culture.
  6. To develop the general skills – communication, working in group, cooperatation.
  7. To provide an opportunity to develop culture of feelings
  8. Teaching professional work with the microphone.
  9. Promote innovative authors, artists and different styles of music.
  10. Encourage creativity, cultural activities, diversification of leisure.
  11. Encourage initiative seeking to develop own musical expression.
  12. Integrate the general education competencies into art education.
  13. Learning process, developers are becoming teachers, parents and children.
  14. To develop the ability to assess, evaluate, monitor and interpret.
  15. Promote „Siauliu moksleiviu namai“ and our band in multidisciplinary team activities.


National Children’s and Youth pop music contest Pop kopėčios Vilnius – 2000, 2001, 2005 (II place doiploma ), 2007, 2009, 2011.
Lithuanian – Latvian festival Vyturio giesmė Klaipėda, Lithuania
Dainų burė 2006 Klaipėda, Lithuania
Saulės vaikai Siauliai – 2001-2005
Laumės juosta Palanga – 2001-2005
Kantri viltys Visaginas – 2002-2005
Angelų opera Vilnius – 2003-2005
Europos dainų konkursas Vilnius 2007, 2009
Šypsenėle, nepabėk Plungė – 2007, 2009 (II place diploma), 2010 (II and III place diploma), 2011 (II place diploma), 2012 (I place diploma)
Linksmieji perliukai Klaipėda 2009 (Grand prix diploma), 2011 (I and II place diploma), 2012 (Grand prix and I place diploma)
Muzikinės nominacijos Utena 2010 (II place diploma)
Baltic talents Jurmala 2011(I place diploma)

Rudens mozaika Siauliai – won the following nominations:

  • For high artistic level 2004
  • For stage clothing culture 2005
  • For originality 2006
  • For the best interpretation of the song 2007
  • For scenic culture and For originality 2009
  • For a sense of musical style and For searches and discoveries 2010
  • For the most expressive done a song 2011

TV Competition Mažųjų žvaigždžių valanda – 2002
National Competition Dainų dainelė – 2002, 2004.

In 2003 we went on concert tour to the amusement park in Germany.
In 2005 participated in Tallinn city days, Estonia.
In 2009 December we went to the Lithuania days events  in Warsaw
In 2004 December released an Album Dainelės iš lentynos (Songs from shelves), with most beautiful „En-Den-Du“ songs.
In 2011 – second album Sninga (Snowing).

Children Studio En-den-du often appeared in the press, including:

  • Lietuvos rytas
  • Šiaulių kraštas
  • Šiaulių naujienos
  • Respublika
  • Naminukas
  • Šiauliaiplius
  • Šiaurės kryptis

Also TV:

  • Šeštadienio rytas TV4
  • Gustavo enciklopedija LTV
  • Saulės miesto žvaigždutės ŠTV
  • Bumcės pokštai S plius
  • Mažųjų žvaigždžių valanda LTV

In 2006 and 2007 the children’s music studio hosted the first and second national popular music festival DAINUOK, ŽIEMUŽĖLE, which since 2008 has grown into the children and young pop singers contest of the Baltic countries. It is annually attended by children’s groups and soloists from Siauliai, Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Panevezys, Mazeikiai, Kazlu Ruda, Kedainiai, Kursenai, Palanga, Utena, Venta, Kaisiadorys, and also from Ryga, Daugilis, Ozolniekas, Ventspils (Latvia). This event has already been attended by about 4,000 participants from Lithuania and Latvia.

In 2007, 2008 and 2012 „En-den-du“ students participated in the children’s summer project Vasara su Virvyte, where they met a lot of friends and had a fun and exciting adventure.

In 2009 we organized celebration Mes – šeima (We – Family) for „En-den-du“ children and their parients. Mothers prepared three songs – wrote the words for one song, and made two country-style dances. In 2010 June the second Mes – šeima celebration, which has traditionally been stage not only for the best and latest studio songs, but again the coolest and the bravest parents programme. They presented the song Bugi woogie with complex rhythms, body percussion elements, three Lithuanian folk and one country-style dance. There was also a duo of mother and daughter, family quartet. The best „En-den-du“ mothers did not stop to excelling and participating. In autumn 2010 they attended the Šiauliai amateur art festival Rudens mozaika and won te competition. In 2012 the project Laiminga šeima – laiminga vaikystė (Happy family – happy childhood) again brought mothers together. They developed a show for a project‘s final concert together with their children. The show was presented to the public on 8th of July, during the TAFISA Games.

In 2010 „En-den-du“ studio 1st group‘s children parcitipated in the international children and youth jazz festival Jaunoji džiazo banga 2010, Klaipeda. The event was broadcasted live on LTV.

In 2011. Siauliai Music Awards SAMA Studio „En-den-du“ won The best children‘s band award.

The most successful En-den-du children during the study period participated in about 80-90 international, national, TV and  local events. Students are encouraged by the acknowledgments and diplomas.

Informacija atnaujinta — 2017-09-21
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