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Handicraft circle

Teacher- Akvilė Čėsnienė  E-mail:  akvilina.cesniene@siauliumn.lt

Through the world of art into the world around us.

Full creative work develops  artistic skills, knowledge and awareness.

Schoolchildren who are  8-19 years old and like creative work attend Neat Handicrafts after-school activities. Here we will aim to reveal individual artistic and cognitive skills. Furthermore, we will develop artistic outlook. Schoolchildren will be able to implement their ideas and thoughts in  practical and creative activities. There will be a possibility to experiment on different materials and techniques. We will let students to know a variety of colours with their tones and shades.

Schoolchildren will participate in various national, international and  School Children‘s Center exhibitions, contests and projects.

Short curriculum:

  • Sewing toys
  • Needlecraft
  • Drawing on the textile
  • Decoupage
  • Basics in dressmaking
  • Sewing bags and handbags
Informacija atnaujinta — 2017-09-21
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