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Teacher – Sigita Pilipauskienė.

If you are active and fond of participating in different activities, if you have your own opinion which you want to express , then this club is for you. The age of junior journalists who can join the club ranges from 12 to 18. ( grades 5-12 ). In our meetings members of the club will discuss and express their opinion on interesting topics. Students will be introduced to the basics of journalism . They will take interviews, write articles for the newspaper” Laisvoji popietė” issued by the Students club and show their abilities by writing articles for the local and national newspapers.


to develop interest in professional journalism;
to introduce the members to the ethics and law of a professional journalist;
to provide knowledge about the methods of collecting information and Information genres
to train how to collect information;
to train to understand the value of the information to be published and to write the information in an appropriate language;
to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning;
to develop students’ creativity and encourage their self-expression.


After the completion of the entire course of the program and active participation in the sessions, practical workshops and the Students club newspaper students

  • will know basic journalism terms;
  • will be able to write messages, interviews, reports and so on.;
  • will know proofreading marks and use them;
  • By issuing the newspaper “Laisvoji popietė”;, students will be able to find the material, choose the most important information and ideas as well as develop reading and note taking skills with the help of information technology.
  • will acquire the basics of communication and language culture
  • will gradually acquire professional skills in journalism and choose their favourite area of public life. They will also broaden their outlook.
  • will receive a certificate of a junior journalist at the end of the school year

We will organize and participate in national and international projects.

Informacija atnaujinta — 2017-09-21
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