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The creative education studio „Odinukas“

 Teacher – Afroditė Navickienė 






The creative education studio „Odinukas“ invites children who love art, who want to create, realize their ideas, and try different techniques. We will find out about the leather, decorating techniques. We will find out about different leather processing techniques.

Students are divided into 2 age groups:
1st group (beginners), preschool children, grades 1-5.
-The basics of art.
-Color studies.
-Decoration, application.
-Experimentation with non-traditional techniques.
-Product modeling from paper.
2nd group (advanced – attending the studio not the first year), grades 6-12.
-Souvenirs and accessories made of leather.
-Relief leather products.
-Color leather products-the technique is carried out according to the application principle.
-Decorative products (bracelets, brooches, pendants, cabochons).
-Theoretical and practical basics of design and modeling.
Informacija atnaujinta — 2018-02-23
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